Crypto License with a Company in Estonia

Call for Price

Option 1

  • Company is in good standing with compliant to new regulation.
  • Year of Company incorporation 2017
  • Accounts are opened in payment systems
  • Renewal of a company is included in price
    • We offer office (300 euro per month), AML Officer (950 euro per month) and director (950 euro per month) for additional cost.


Option 2

  • A Ready made adapted and licensed company
  • The price includes the services of a director and an AML officer for 3 months.
  • 3 months after the acquisition, the fee for the director and AML officer without real work will be 16 thousand per year, real work – 2500 euros per month.
  • An office will cost 350 euros per month.

Option 3

  • There is an account with IBS Bank (transactions were carried out to pay lawyers, accountant s, AML officer).
  • The Company was registered at the end of 2018, licenses were obtained at the beginning of 2019. In 2020, the licenses were updated and the documents were brought in line with the new requirements. The authorized capital was replenished to renew the license, the offer is sold without it, it will be withdrawn, there is no obligation to reintroduce it in full.
  • At the moment, the license is frozen due to the fact that the company does not operate. The previous owner froze it on his own. Additional Options
  • It is possible to appoint a member of the board + AML Officer for 1200 euros/ month, if there is a payment immediately for a year. The office will cost 300 euros/ month.
  • If the transaction is accompanied by our lawyer from Estonia, who run the company, then his cost of support is 1500-2000 euros, depending on the number of new participants. The price also includes filing a notification to the regulator about the restoration of the license.