Ready-made company with Financial & Crypto License in Switzerland

Call for Price

A Swiss company is offered for interested buyers, which is licensed to conduct financial and cryptographic transactions. With the help of the services of this company, the entrepreneur will be able to maintain business partnerships with private and corporate consumers on a non-discreptionary or discreptionary basis.

Permitted activities of the financial field:

  • Payment, transactions, including electronic transfer on behalf of and on behald of the client, the issue of means of payment. (for example, a travelers check or credit card).
  • Lending operations (mortgage loans, factoring, commercial leasing etc
  • Trading operations with banknotes, goods and coins
  • Investment, consultant services in the investment field
  • An escrow agent with appropriate credentials
  • Storage of securities in the form of deposits.

Crypto Activities:

  • Exchange of fiat for crypto and vise versa
  • loans secured by the cryptocurrencies
  • Virtual wallet
  • Trading operations with digital assets, their exchange and storage.
  • ICO.

Key Points

  • Registered in 2018
  • Domicile: Lugano (Canton may be changed)
  • 3 Bank accounts (Switzerland, Malta, Estonia) – 2 for crypto and 1 regular bank account

  • The compan has no clients, it was slightly operational for digital services up to 100K
  • No lawsuits, no liabilities (comes with warranty)
  • Legal assistance included change of control procedure, Swiss resident director and AML/compliance officer authorized by FINMA, office, change of canton, name.

Its an asset management license with authorisation for crypto. Company has active membership at the SRO supervised by FINMA as an asset management company under new financial instituation regulation from 01.01.2020.